Innovate without Restrictions

ACER Predator, one of the world’s leading PC gaming brands, wanted to be inspired with out of the box thinking for their future gaming laptops. Together with Cooler Master, an expert in cooling across multiple industries, we invited the world’s most creative modders to re-think the design of Predator Helios laptops.

5 modders were invited to the MOD Master Challenge. Each modder was given the freedom to modify a Predator Helios laptop in any way they envisioned how a laptop should be. The final projects paved the way for possible future gaming laptops.


Event planning

Product Training
and Workshops

This wasn’t an ordinary contest. The 5 modders were invited to the headquarters of ACER, along with thermal experts from Cooler Master, for 3 days of training and workshops. The purpose was to have each modder know the Predator Helios inside out, giving them all the information needed to help them put their ideas into the future of Helios.


Creativity without Limits

After the workshops were completed in Taiwan, each modder returned home and had 1.5 months to create their own  working prototype. There were no restrictions, as long as the original laptop was kept intact. They could use any tools at their disposal, with the engineering expertise from ACER Predator and Cooler Master.


Expect the Unexpected

Each modder’s prototype was unveiled on stage at ACER’s Global Press Conference to signify what the future of gaming laptops could be in the not distant future.


Video Production

Each modder’s progress was documented to give insight into how the unique designs came together. These videos were used across social media that led to the unveiling at ACER’s annual Global Press Conference in New York.

Mod Master Challenge Episode 1: Ronnie Hara | Predator x Cooler Master

Mod Master Challenge Episode 2: Nenad Djordjevic | Predator x Cooler Master

Mod Master Challenge Episode 3: Brian “Boddaker” Carter | Predator x Cooler Master

Mod Master Challenge Episode 4: Stefan Ulrich | Predator x Cooler Master

Mod Master Challenge Episode 5: AK MOD | Predator x Cooler Master

The Top 5 Modders | Predator x Cooler Master